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A matter of priority.

March 26, 2009

Wosh, although more of a year of experience has gone through the learning curve of SuperMemo and I still find my self astonish by the possiblities. Yes, almost every body doesn’t like the GUI, well I also don’t. But what could be worse, for me is the plain fact of remembering what I wan’t to remember. And here is where SuperMemo delivers best!

Do I have a good memory? yes, definitely, we all do, but the matter of fact is that we can’t just chose what to remember or what not to, trainability of this skills is of course posible, but life has its own way to handle our memory, either we bemoan or cherish when we do forget or remmenber, our goal don’t just like that, if you don’t remember what you had to, you get into big trouble.

Today I’m still understanding about priorization, priorization does makes it possible to handle a huge overload (I mean huge, outstanding items = >6,000) making it posible to remember “always” our high priority material.

I believe priorization criteria by default is ok, but I wonder if there better setups done by SuperMemo fans around the world, I would like to know why do they thing this are better, or why you have chosen such values, under Menu: Learn: Sorting Criteria

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  1. LittleFish permalink
    April 3, 2009 12:20

    Do you mean that you have more than 6000 elements to learn/review in one day? I’ve had as many as 500 or 600 in one day before, but never 6000…

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