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Keeping track of articles with SM to enhance creativity

April 15, 2009

SuperMemo algorithm for tracking articles (incremental reading) is great to enhance creativity, using previously read material and also might help us unload those unread articles, that are not important any longer. It HTML dependency however, is not something I like most, I have a ton or articles on PDF (ok much articles are not good material for incremental reading), but I would love to keep track of information I read before even if is not on HTML, enter the Zotero + SuperMemo simbiosis.

Zotero as a reference tool makes is easy to keep track of references, but there is no way to review previous articles by dates, at least not automaticaly or even better in a prioritize manner. You could of course make priority tags, but that just increases the information overload. So I’m currently trying out this “solution”

I keep references on my Zotero, (preferably if they are PDF, or if this information is not in my “red zone” … must write about this red, green, yellow zone later.), then I just copy the reference in to a new “topic” in a specific category in SM. I set up a high priority if that is necessary, and let SM do its maggic.

I don’t know if this procedure goes against SM algorithmic rules, but this guaranties that any information (important enough) will come back to me some time, and then I can decide if it is necessary to read it and maybe process it or no  longer necessary. If it is no longer neccesary I intent to erase this topic from my SM collection (I have only one collection), but do notting with the reference on Zotero.

This is a lot cumbersome, I do acknowledge that, but to date, I have yet to find a sort of mindmapper, notetaking hierchiecal and cloud tagged, SRS program to learn study and organize my information. Perhaps I’m not only a geeky, but a Knowledge junkie…

A couple of weeks from know you’ll now if this Zotero+Super Memo simbiosis will stand a common practice with my SM. I’m always trying new things, and as always waiting suggestions and comments.

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  1. April 15, 2009 22:49

    Hi, I noticed that you are having trouble organizing your PDFs and would like to have features such as tags, and the ability to take notes.
    I would suggest you give Mendeley ( a try. It allows you to organize your PDFs, take notes, tag documents, and much more.
    I’d really like to read your opinion about it and how it works out for you.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. 🙂

  2. gersapa permalink*
    April 16, 2009 00:02

    Hi Ricardo, your doing a good job as a “Community Liaison”, I had to think twice about having trouble organizing my PDF’s, (… am I having trouble?). Not really, at the current time I have the opportunity to research a lot on the web, I wasn’t looking for a tool for PDF’s only write know, but I have always though it will be necessary any time soon. Thank for the advice about using Mendeley, I did read about it and tag it trough my diigo (that’s my green area), I didn’t review again so this means working on this three areas does work. Any how, I have subscribed, and probably download the desktop application and be sure I’ll have a some suggestions of I would like.

  3. Nathan permalink
    April 17, 2009 19:12

    Incremental Reading has been a hit-and-miss thing for me; the concept itself seems sound, but I have had more success with simply having a folder of “stuff I need to read” on a thumb drive (I also keep my EEEPC with me wherever I go). Then as I get time I make a bit of progress through each document, extracting the relevant information and putting it into Supermemo.

  4. gersapa permalink*
    April 19, 2009 16:18

    Yes, you are right, the concept of incremental reading is good, although not always applicable, even Dr Piort Wozniak, doesn’t recommend it all the time. I find your approach is very simple and effective. I believe it lets you take advantage of any time available any place, that’s just the kind of algorithm I intent to use in a couple of months, but I’m think more about getting an Acer 11″ netbook, a little more price but, a lot more power, of course, I would upgrade my laptop any more. Just a Desktop and my Netbook.

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