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Poor material for incremental reading?

April 19, 2009

Many times I don’t understand why there aren’t two versions of SuperMemo 2006, like one with “incremental reading” (plus some enhancements), and the other plain simple SRS with priority queue (this is a must in order to handle information overload). Perhaps many would prefer to never even try to use incremental reading and just process everything related in a SRS from ready made items. Next some info about the subject, from the official SuperMemo site:

Which kind of texts make an inherently poor material for Incremental

Reading? (4)

  • Descriptions of scientific experiments
  • mathematical derivations
  • programming examples in source code
  • case studies, etc.

What should you do with text that make an inherently poor material for incremental reading?

In such cases, use a traditional thorough analysis methods, summarize results of your analysis, and use SuperMemo only to keep track of such


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