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Integration to Note-taking?

May 6, 2009

Its been a while since last post, exam comming in 20 days makes me a lot timeless, I don’t even know if thats a correct expresion, any how here is a new query.

SM by default is a great way to review information, of course it was coded to memorize information, but as I see it is also a powerful tool for note taking, if only the necessary functions were already available.

There are plenty of tools for note taking, but lack the SRS for those taked notes, of course now body would like to memorize each and every note we type in, specially if we go trough and GTD system like Allen’s, but some notes, must, i repeat must be reviewed no matter what, in order in increase creativity process, or just to review some aspects that maybe when forgot someday was written.

Do you implement notetaking into SuperMemo, What is your best practice for notetaking, even if you don’t use SuperMemo? Do you think that SRS for notes is just to much?

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  1. May 6, 2009 16:35

    I simply add my notes as tasks and then review/remove as necessary. Of course, you’re most likely a more advanced user of SM than myself so perhaps my approach is silly.

    • gersapa permalink*
      May 6, 2009 20:34

      Hey, spam engine deviated your comment, sorry for delay. I don’t think this approach is silly, in fact I believe this was how the creator of SM approached the same problem, I’m here trying to learn from other what are other ways to manage SM info, thank for the comment.

  2. LittleFish permalink
    May 13, 2009 12:23

    If I can, I try to take notes using a computer so I don’t have to type already written stuff into a text document. I try to review the notes that I recently took once a day, take ONLY whatever I find to be super-relevant and make flashcards out of it. The more days elapse the more time I’ve had to “chew” on the information, which makes it easier to make flashcards out of it. Do this every day until the notes are gone (I delete the notes that I have made flashcards of; therefore I try to keep a set of notes: SM_notes.txt and normal_notes.txt. SM_notes.txt gets smaller and smaller, then I delete it. normal_notes.txt is for backup purposes.)

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