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Unconscious Semantic Memorization

May 12, 2009

Happens to me every once and a while, I go trough an item, get an error (4 or 5 on SM), this item shoud be reviewed and learned in the drill phase, but can’t ever make it. Dr. Wosniak (SM creator) says the drill is not obligatory at all, and just making the repetitions should suffice, but leeches come repetitively and I find my self hopeless. Will this nugett of information ever get into my hippocampus?

This situation can get very obnoxious. Then, suddenly, It sticks to my memory. I not talking of course of using mnemonics, or other related memory tecnnique, I ‘m just talking pure wrote memory, but in this case “unvoluntary wrote memory”. Neuroscience research has found that even those who have anmesia (with the semantic memory affected) can recall information with out councious effort (they can’t recall when they learned the information in the first place).

Botton line, just go trough the repetitions, if you can find any suitable mnemonic technique to help you out with those leeches, maybe in the interim something comes up to your help, and stop worring about how to learn it, if information is repeated it will get into your memory, voluntary or with out any concious intervention.

I currently working out my note taking and knowledge management procedures, and algorithms, until progress in this issue is done references to the ideas expressed in this blog will be delayed. For now, please forgieve my forgetfulness.

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  1. LittleFish permalink
    May 13, 2009 12:31

    That has happened to me before. I put info into Supermemo and I can’t recall it forever, it gets reset once or twice because of leech management, but at some point it clicks and I remember it. My only question is this: If you have many “wrong” answers on the same item, does this affect the overall algorithm in a bad way? This is the one thing holding me back from putting a lot more into SM. I think I’ll ask this question on the yahoo groups message board.

    • gersapa permalink*
      May 14, 2009 10:07

      Many more questions surge my mind when I read your post and is always a pleasure to learn from your way of using SuperMemo.

      I put info into Supermemo and I can’t recall it forever, it gets reset once or twice because of leech management

      Which of this options do you use in “Options – Leech manangement”- 1) None 2) Wizard 3) Auto-forget 4) Auto-postpone.
      Have you experimented with other options, I currently use Wizard, but will like to know if Auto-postpone is better in the sense that helps you memorize o make less mistakes.

      does this affect the overall algorithm in a bad way?

      If this is so, what is the best option to use in leech management, in order to affect it in less harmful way? Hope you get some answers and share it with us.

  2. LittleFish permalink
    May 14, 2009 10:38

    I’ve always considered leeches to be like zombies. You want to kill them as fast as possible. But I don’t want to kill the information. Therefore I usually use the wizard, but I might as well use auto-forget (This is what happens every time). It is more or less “reset,” then I review it as if it were a new flashcard. I did some research yesterday and it appears that auto-postpone does not in effect “kill the zombie,” it just delays it from harming you. The flashcard still will likely take up lots of time once you hit it; the learning data (virus) is still the same, you’re just putting it off until a later time. I’ve been using the wizard since I started, and I don’t think I’ll change any time soon.

    From what I’ve read, it appears that saying FAIL to many many new items DOES have a bad effect on the algorithm. The recommendation that I got from the yahoo group (There might be more responses) is that I could merely keep them as topics for a while, so I could actually see the information frequently. Once I think the information is “clicking” in my head, I can make a flashcard out of it.

    I’m going to try an experiment. I’m going to try to make another Supermemo database filled with only things I think I am going to forget. Once I learn to remember those difficult-to-remember items, I turn them into flashcards on my regular Supermemo database. So it’s kind of like a “training grounds” for future flashcards.

    I’ll let you know how the experiment goes.

    • gersapa permalink*
      May 16, 2009 17:28

      This is getting interesting, I agree with you, I also want to kill those zombies fast enough so they don’t drain my brain out. And thank you because this is just another interesting topic. Do leaches, affect the SuperMemo algorithm, and hence how much?. I make post on the subject, hope you don’t mind citing you.

  3. LittleFish permalink
    May 17, 2009 21:23

    Cite my comments as much as you like, we all want to find the most efficient ways to use tools to enrich our lives and (by extension) the world; that seems to be the the point of this blog

    Actually I’m glad someone else made a blog like this, I wanted to make a Supermemo blog but procrastinated too much.


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