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Autopilot for Repetitive Task

May 19, 2009

I’m to complicated but  who isn’t. A new change to the theme, but still not totally happy with the design. Some times I’m too perfectionist, or as my girl friend said yesterday: “to complicated”.

The way I see things are a little bit different then most, but that’s just because of devotion to work and live in an algorithmic manner. Does a software engineer waste lines of code? Why should we waste lines of our lifes living solely by the Kludge designed process of our mind. For me life can be lived in the same way, as any computer program – Repetitive things must be done in autopilot.

There are many neurocognitive basis for this approach, supported in the functions that basal ganglia (specific areas in our brains) perform every day. If we have to do things more then twice, doing them algorithmically (autopilot) will free our lives, given us more time of play time at the computer or even better in real life.

As with many software, my algorithms have many bugs, so I’m always in debug mode, maybe I’ll never end editing my ways and continually try to change anything possible.

There should be a follow up of this algorithmic living, and is posted here because is the same reason why I trust in SuperMemo’s power, a not so beautiful, very powerfull kwnolegde management tool…

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  1. Nathan permalink
    May 19, 2009 11:50

    I think I understand what you are saying, and I feel the same. For me, Supermemo was one of my first big steps I took towards living my life in an ultra-efficient manner. I’ve been using Supermemo for more than three years now, and I’m very satisfied with the positive impact it has had on my life; since then I’ve been trying to utilize my time and effort to further that same cause. One of the big things I’ve begun doing in the last three years has been maximizing input. If I’m ever somewhere, I need to ALWAYS have something to stimulate my mind. iPods have allowed me to keep audiobooks, podcasts, etc. with me 24/7, which is wonderful. It’s like having a personal teacher follow you around. Whenever I have to do something (Wash the dishes, go to the grocery store or do something monotonous), I can listen to something for those few minutes. I always keep a book with me (Or my iPod touch with an app called “Instapaper” on it; it saves web pages that I can read later).

    There is a book called “Flow,” perhaps you have heard of it. It is a book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about how humans are able to focus their concentration light a laser beam and how it has a positive impact on their lives. If you look it up on Google or Wikipedia you’ll find more information. But I recently read that book (Along with his book on creativity) and it has motivated me to think in a more efficient manner.

    Since you and I seem to be similar (At least in our implicit trust of Supermemo), I thought you might find this stuff interesting (Albeit a little bit off-topic).

    • gersapa permalink*
      May 20, 2009 18:53

      Thanks Nattan is curious the way life develops, somewhere, somehow somebody might be really like, you. Thanks for the reference, I have not read many paper based books lately, very much stuck to computers as my way of life, I do love books, and I believe there are many mnemonic reasons why reading a paper based book is better for learning information that on my desktop, notebook, or any ebook reader, but geeky me I love technology if it saves me time. Besides being a SM based learned I would go far enough to scan a whole book if needed. I’ll take a look a that book ASAP. Hasta pronto amigo.

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