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Speed up SuperMemo with TrueCrypt

May 22, 2009

This whole post will be redone, but information was to good for not sharing it ASAP.

SuperMemo security has always been a issue to me, our databases are just not secure enough, of course many info should be available, public information must. But security must not come at the cost of turning some program snail pace. I’ve been using a RAM drive, yeap! the old way, RAM is so fast, that no HDD can beat, yesterday I got a great advice trough twitter (author to disclose after permission): “Put the locker on a TrueCrypt Folder!”, It felt almost as I was been shout, for how dumb I was. Until when would RAM be robbed by the SM collection?.

I’ve try my way also, I never take anything as the best. I’ve tried many other compression software, many commercial and some freeware. Nothing beats TrueCrypt . Faster, and cheaper, albeit not fancier. (Symplicity rules before design)

So? Make a Folder on TrueCrypt, procedure is simple. Just use a folder. Other options are great to, but for SuperMemo, just use a Folder.

(consideration about space allocation go here)

Put your whole collection there, and if you wish also the backup. I preffer saving the backup else where. 7zipping it is much faster to. Make a batch file for faster loading, and make a quick start link.

You should note a big difference in speed when using it. Unless your are using a slow computer (meaning specifically: the processor). For slow computers, is better to use the collection directly in the hard disk (as encrypt does take some processing power). At least no one has shouted “your wrong about this”.

I’ve have not tested a backup of the whole collection until now, as 7ziping is preffered at the moment, but I’ll will and update how it goes.

Note: Copy of the TrueCrypt Folder to any USB is MUCH faster then any incremental backup or synchronizing the files into a USB flash memory.

I’ll redo this post, if time lets me. For now future is really uncertain. Will I pass that exam after all… Will I get a spot for the residency… Well if I don’t I’ll have plenty time to update this blog. Hey, everything has a bright side, doesn’t it.

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  1. Nathan permalink
    May 22, 2009 15:19

    I’ve been backing up Supermemo every few days as a .rar file for the past couple of years. I keep the backup with me on a USB flash drive (In case my house burns down or something). I’ll look into that, I’m interested in having reliable backup solutions for Supermemo.

    • gersapa permalink*
      May 29, 2009 18:38

      In fact using a encrypted folder is very fast, and safe. But for backup purpose, I’m still using and have no best alternative than 7zipping it. This was a really fast post, mainly because I freed my RAM, and as I said was some else advice. I’ll do a new post on how I use my Encryption and best options and when making the encrypted folder (hopely this weekend). I’m wondering how do you make that backup on RAR format, is there some special procedure or do you just compress the whole collection and copy it to the USB flash memory?

      • LittleFish permalink
        May 30, 2009 18:53

        Yeah, I just create a new folder “2009.05.29 Brain Backup.rar” and drag and drop the folder. It takes a few minutes, but during this time I do something else (Prepare for the day, eat food, etc.). Then once I do that, I put it onto a USB flash drive. I backup all of the backups every now and then (It’s nice to have a collection of all of my backups, I don’t know why; maybe it’s a nerd thing…).

  2. Littlefish permalink
    August 18, 2009 12:53

    I’ve started to use 7zip, which is a pretty rad piece of software. It backs up VERY quickly compared to WinRAR. I wish I saw the light earlier


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