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Resetting Previously Postponed Branches

May 30, 2009

A couple of months ago I had to organize my postponing so that only certain folders (categories) would be postponed. When you get into the last tab “adjust” in the “Postpone outstanding elements window” in order to see what branches you have previously postponed, there isn’t any way to reset previously postponed branches. This is the question I asked on SuperMemoPedia Wiki.

I have several branches on my collection which have their own postpone
criteria, I can see they have been set before when I go to “Postpone Outstading
Elements” windows, Tab:Adjust, after clicking on “List”. This was not an issue
at first but currently, is frustrating to keep up with which brances have been
postpone before or which hasn’t. I want to reset some of those branches showed
in “List”, so that I can improve the postpone criteria by ignoring some
branches, but other that are in that list. If I choose ignore, all the branches
it it will be ignored, and will maybe I wanted that before, now it is not in my
priority for the automatic postone algorithm.

What is the best way to reset those branches showed on “List”, so they are do
not have individual postpone criteria?

It really did not an answer the question but never the less I learned something important:

“The problem is not with SuperMemo, or with postpone, or priority queue.
The problem is with the appetite for learning more and more. Overload
will always produce the need for postpone, drop in retention,
prioritization problems. Priority queue is currently the most
convenient way of deciding what gets least neglected in learning.” Source: SuperMemopedia

So if you have a great deal of overload then the system will ultimately fail. I’m ok with that. Because of voracious hunger for learning, and need for my profession. But using prioritization has lead to neglecting a whole 4,000 items about items that, although necessary, where constantly postponed because I only relied on priority.

I feel like the postpone, prioritization and forgetting index features are not to easy to set up, but they should at least be easy to take back. And also think setting this options apart give you more control on the items you are willing to postpone or even forget. Setting priority each time I find something interesting is not very effective for all items, as we tend to think that any present item is more important than past learned information, so there is also a priority bias (something described on the SuperMemo site).

Today I’m exactly in the same problem as before, how do you reset previously postponed branches?

Shortest answer:

  • Close SuperMemo
  • Go into the collection folder (the one name the same as you kno file)
  • Search for postpone.ini file and deleted it.

Of course any previous postpone setting will be lost, but that’s exactly what I wanted today.

If you have a lot of postponed branches already set correctly and wan’t to change the postpone criteria for a specific branch has other procedures. That should make a follow up on this issue.

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