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Taggin for SuperMemo (2)

June 1, 2009

This is a post for items only (follow up on previous post).

Fastest and very easy to implement solution till today:

The keyword tagging line:

keyword1-., keyword2-., keyword3-., … keywordN-.,-

The reason for using the “-.,” combination  is simply speed, and easiness when typing, any three punctuation symbols or any symbol would work fine, but is better if no “Shift” or “AltGr” is necessary in order to type them, and also if the three are side by side, so that you can write them fast enough.

The hyphen at the end of the tagging line is only for SuperMemo labeling (I use the “source” label for topics)

Keyword phrases are simply written as this: keyword phrase1-., keyword phraseN-.,

Usually the best part to put this line tags is at the bottom of the text in the answer component. Although counter intuitive, putting the tagging line in the answer component makes no interference with the formulation of the question or answering the question.

Why could you need this?

This way of tagging allows you to revise items only on a specific topic, and you loose less time reading titles of items.

You want to search or learn about a specific type of
information defined by a simple word or phrase (e.g. type of seizure,
say “fever seizure”) but you don’t want to revise any item that has
that word (e.g. “fever”) on it.

If you have your collection classified  by specific information on specific folders, this probably is no big help to you. But I tend to put information as fast as possible into SM and latter only organize this items using Ctr+Shift+P: Alt+C to change them to categories (Everything new goes to .C_Desktop category at first).

If you to prefer fast storing and would like to have a fast way to organize and revise information related to a certain topic this probably is useful.

When should you you tag an item?

Very important items: always any time. Basically you should tag any very important (must not forget item) the moment you add this item to the collection or when you encounter type of items items afterwords.

Items found trough search procedures: Tag them the moment you search for them. (There is a high probability you are going to need it the the future).

Any other item: No need to tag them.

Other places where to implement this
If you also have the info packrat disease as me, any place you take notes would be great to implement a system as this. Although if using paper I’d probably go for using some sort of common placing index instead.

medicine-., tips-., tagging-., items-., supermemo items-.,-

(previous post on the subject)

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  1. DragonZ permalink
    June 1, 2009 09:26

    I organize my Collection by subjects using a A-Z folder configuration. If you put any new item to the corresponding cattegory you don’t need all this steps to find your information.

    • gersapa permalink*
      June 3, 2009 14:47

      Thanks for sharing your experience, what ever works for us is just fine. For me is a matter of storing any thing fast and latter finding it. I tried to place every in place, but some times I just can’t decide if it should go in the biology, neurology of psychology, so tagging lets me put an item in the three categories. But that’s my way.


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