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Habit memory vs Unconsious semantic memorization.

June 5, 2009

This is a follow up on previous post. As I stated before, a lot of information can get into your mind and be learned with out any conscious effort, although this is not semantic memory in its true meaning. But for the purpose of learning it help any way.

I’m getting a little better organizing my files and references, and even though it takes a lot more time to be organize, it takes a lot less to find the same information.

A nature article published on July 2005, takes some light on the subject. Research conducted by Bayley et atl, demostrated that in fact many memories are processed at a unconscious level and hence, with any intervention with us of even knowing the fact, they still lye depth in our brains.

The findings therefore affirm the validity of unconscious learning and show that humans possess a robust capacity for gradual, trial-and-error (habit) learning that can operate outside awareness for what is learned and independently of the medial
temporal lobe. It seems likely that many tasks, including concurrent discrimination, which humans ordinarily acquire rapidly as declarative knowledge (through memorization) can also be acquired more slowly as habit memory. However, in such cases, what is acquired is rigidly organized and altogether different from declarative memory. (doi:10.1038/nature03857)

This is almost a never ending issue, but research from more then a hundred years are making us understand a little bit more every day. I just wanted to point out the references on previous post on the subject, and make note that this reference was not about semantic memorization but Habit Memory. Either was the important point is make your repetitions, always, the more you do the better, some how, some day the item will stick and you’ll grade as “5” (Bright).

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