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How to find original articles imported into SuperMemo

June 17, 2009

I’ve been implementing the question bank and paper book reading and studying and not much in my SuperMemo lately; however, this morning on my SM repetitions allocated time I found a breach in the knowledge web. This is not uncommon but, we’re not talking here about not remembering an item included in the collection but in remembering how to do something previously found out.

I searched for a word (using Ctrl-F) and a list not less then 1200 items showed up, this made me search using AND and OR operators, still no real help, more than 50 items. Then I recalled that all this info was in an article. How you tell SuperMemo to search only in the original articles and not on every extract related?… I found out this before, don’t know if a read it somewhere in the SuperMemo site or just found out by experimenting but now it was all gone.

In my collection every article has labels: title, link, source, date, etc, well at least some, but always includes the title; so, this makes my searching for original topics a little more problematic.

Anyhow for future reference and anyone interested, here is a short

ow to find original articles imported into SuperMemo

1) Ctrl+F
2) choose search criteria
3) on browser: alt+F10
4) choose: child
5) choose: articles

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