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Changing categories fast: Hacking shortcuts with AutoHotKey

June 22, 2009

I been busy lately. Trying out and learning the use of AutoHotKey. AutoHotKey can do those repetitive task you don’t like in SuperMemo (or any other application). So far I’ve implement the following shortcuts:

win+alt+0: Move item to any category (a two key system finds a category fast enough).
win+alt+9: Move item to default category
win+alt+1: Move item to desktop category (if some previous topic must be processed by GTD).
win+shit+del: Move item to trash category (a kind of recycler category).

I work with a desktop category where every new item goes first, either a extract or item (Q&A). Default category in this case is where most of my items are transfered to from de desktop category (is my GTD system inbox). Any category option, opens up the dialog to change category and then you can type a two letter combination and double enter to move to any category.

Testing in debug is always my mode so I tested the savings produce on this repetitive task vs the time it took to learn how to use this app. I wen’t on an changed 100 items to different categories with each shortcut, here are the results.

Supermemo Default: 374 seconds (savings = 0 sec.)
Ctrl+alt+0: 178 seconds (savings = 3 min 16″)
Ctrl+alt+1: 115 seconds (savings = 4 min 9″)
Ctrl+alt+9: 128 seconds (savings = 4 min 6″.)

Not to much maybe but on 10,000 items that’s that would take between 6-7.5 Hours of pure nonstop fast typing.

I’m using AutoHotKey to fix some bugs in supermemo with ease, like incorrect titles, or simply cleaning unwanted code from an item. maybe I’ll explain in detail in other post.

By the way supermemo uses to many keyboard shorcuts (can’t believe I think like this being a keyboard addict, but supermemo does it), this leaves you with few to choose from. What I have done is replace seldom shorcuts with AutoHotKey shortcuts in order to do usefull stuff in SuperMemo.

If you implement AutoHotKey, share you scripts:

(Update: There is a more complete explanation of the scripts now)

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  1. July 31, 2009 14:29

    Sorry, but I have to chuckle at your Freudian slip-misspelling (but quite appropriate):

    win+shit+del: Move item to trash category

    I’m enjoying your blog!


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