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Dissmised elements interfere high priority items.

July 3, 2009

Browsing trough my collection as almost every day, I accidentally hit “alt+p” over a folder element (dismissed topic). To my surprise it had a high priority position 107 from 54,000, to know some elements are never going to be postponed is great. The only problem though that this is a folder. Who would want to keep dismissed elements in the priority queue (even worst high in that queue). The priority queue is almost the main reason for using sm2006 but this high priority for dismissed elements simply is plain wrong.

I my continue motto: “Don’t complain, fix it!”. Here is my hack:

  1. Open complete collection in browser
  2. Selected child dismissed
  3. Undismiss
  4. Change priority
  5. Dismiss again the same.

Notes: (3) is necessary otherwise browser won’t accept changing priorities in dismissed elements. (4) Use a interval big enough to fit all dismissed items. (5) Don’t ever forget this step, else medicine will be worst then the disease.

Updated Steps on newer post.

Why should you do use this hack?

If you use postpone, as the only solution to the overload of material you shouldn’t got into in the first place, and do find priority a means to handling the most important information.

If you got many dismissed elements, and this fill up a lot of spaces in the priority queue, because if you don’t move dismissed elements to the end of the queue they will displaced really high priority elements making this postponeable.


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