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Moving items to Categories fast

July 18, 2009

Many project, ideas and todo’s clash constantly as it happens to everybody else, so a nice scheme of what I’m about to post is almost impossible. Previously I talked about the subject on moving trough categories in painless matter. Today, I’ve decided to post this script to move items to different categories by using the keyboard. I’ve used several macro programs before, but lately I’m enjoying mostly Autohotkey.

Before going to the scritp I would recommended modifying the names of you categories by using a  label. Use only two letters (not numbers) for identifying your categories (if you have even less then maybe even one character would suffice).  The two letter combination is for accessing your categories list faster, and numbers will be used for the direct shortcut for moving items trough categories. Only exception is label for “desktop” category (I want to have it listed at top always). If I use numbers for the label of the categories my memory gets mixed up.

Category name examples:

lm. Learning and Memory (a)
mb. Money and Bussiness (a)
ne. Neuroscience (b)
me. Medicine (b)
rp. Residency pending (a)
01. Desktop (exception) almost everything goes into my collection trough the desktop
ta. Trash (b) – when in doubt of deleting an item, it goes to this category (recycler should be on SuperMemo).

Personal rules for label prefix.
(a) Categories with phrase names get first letters from first two representative words
(b) Categories with single word names get the first letter plus the first vocal

By using a combination of scripts you have access to 9 favorite categories (numbers 1 – 9), 0 is used as desktop shortcut. In order to move items to non-favorite categories a  dot shortcut is used, plus the first label for the category (ea. the two letter combination).

Script examples:

;.[#!.] Opens category dropdown menu
Sleep, 100
;.[#!0] Moves item to category with name starting with "01." (desktop)
;.[#!9] Moves item to category with name starting with "rp." (residency pending)
;Moves item to category with name starting with "ta." (trash)
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  1. Xbrog permalink
    March 29, 2010 11:35

    This simple hack makes the reading the blog worth enough, thanks gersapa.

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