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Incremental Reading advice required

July 20, 2009

I’m a fan of using incremental reading for reading non vital articles, the kind of articles in the some day maybe list on a GTD system. As a whole it a wonderfull principle, that does make reading more entertained, but if it is more productive than traditional reading or not I’m not quite sure.

I believe the issue of incremental reading has potential for life long learning, once we have a tool to do it. Even better now that thanks to contribution of ideas about multiple color formating by reader Marcin Rybacki multiple ideas can be easily differentiated by themes inside a single article.

SQ3R (Survey, questioning, reading, reviewing, repeating) technique is a good way to ensure that the global idea of text read is acknowledge and as well to learn its content. If it also meant a systematical way to review knowledge afterwards probably this post would not come trough.

A little step at the time, the principles that make incremental reading a better reading technique are being collected in my SuperMemo database of ideas, but one head thinking is very prone to misdirection an overspecialization.

For those of you that use the incremental reading techniques, what are the best principles you would recommend to improved it? Do you believe incremental reading can be used to processes other type of articles, besides the “some day maybe type”?.

For those that don’t use the technique, but have heard about it, which are the reasons you departed from applying it your learning processes?

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  1. LittleFish permalink
    July 21, 2009 07:57

    I like the idea of Incremental Reading, the thought that you can more or less “juggle” hundreds of articles at once, but I deal with that issue through the following means: As a rule, I must make five “General Knowledge” items every day (Although I skip this on weekends sometimes). Those items could be about history, science, sociology, etc. I have a topic labeled “knowledge” in my main directory/Knowledge Tree; inside of “Knowledge” I have lots of simple question-answer sets (Or paragraphs that can easily be formatted to Q/A) of things that I want to learn. Every day I make five or so new items. If I run out of question-answer sets (Which usually doesn’t happen), I read more stuff. As I read, I copy and paste stuff into “Knowledge.” Instead of having lots of little articles running around at once, I let them bottle-neck on the “mother-ship” topic, allowing me to learn at what I consider to be a reasonable pace. I do the same thing with different categories of learning (Chinese and Japanese, for example): One topic to rule them all, make a few items a day, add more stuff to the main topic so that I don’t run out.

    • gersapa permalink*
      July 27, 2009 09:35

      This way of dealing with information seems orderly effective. But I believe it defies incremental reading principles. Albeit does seem to handle the troubles I’ve found when dealing with incremental reading, mainly prioritization of the material to be read, as well of overload of material constantly added to my collection.

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