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Mass importing thousands of audio vocabulary files.

August 1, 2009

Thanks to constant interest by fellow blogger Jerry Petit on this issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that indeed adding with ease a set of audio files to supermemo should be a almost automatic process. Its hard to believe this can’t be done using supermemo components. Or has anyone figure out a way?

I’ve added recently a german collection (language related, not about me) from the book2 series which I find quite. Now I’m learning german vocabulary and phrases with out even noticing. So Jerry is positive on this one, we must have and easy way.

Jerry wanted to use html to import Q&A pair. There are many methods for using multimedia by html, I prefer using <embed> gives you many options, and works on almost any browser.

The other portion of the solutions to Jerry’s questioning was about something I also needed in the past. In order to trace the question banks I’m studying (which are printed type, little books, many pages, a waste of time to scan and OCR them) I had to import almost 17,000 references into my collection (no I don’t pretend to finished them… this year). The point is I also had the problem of importing a lot of Q&A in which the main point is keeping track of a series of items, and don’t even have to use the answer field  (the answers are on the question banks, copying them makes no sense). For those who believe that OCR is a great option, in this special case is not, not all this info is needed in my career but could come up in the test, so my option is a matter of efficiency only.

Back to the importing issue.

The way I’ve come up to is using Excel to make  my collection first, then used notepad ++ to take out those nasty tabs that come up when copying from excel to notepad ++. I use excel to do this mainly because is accessible almost anywhere, and also because I’m not good at scripting and less then a newbie in python. Excel does the job of creating a series in a columns and that’s exactly what I need.

Finally I end up with a series of Q&A that look somewhat like the following:

a) If I would like to have the audio Autoplay by default

Q: Question_text<BR><EMBED src=file:///D:/MP3%20songs/0001.mp3>

A: Dummy_text

Q: Question_text<BR><EMBED src=file:///D:/MP3%20songs/0002.mp3>

A: Dummy_text

b) If I would like to manually play the audiofile

Q: Question_text<BR><EMBED src=file:///D:/MP3%20songs/0001.mp3 autoplay=”false”>

A: Dummy_text

Q: Question_text<BR><EMBED src=file:///D:/MP3%20songs/0002.mp3 autoplay=”false”>

A: Dummy_text


* <BR> insert new line after the question text

*  “D:/MP3%20songs/0002.mp3”  is just the path to the file in your hard disk, but uses a direct slash and not backslash.

* %20 is used when ever there is a space in you file or folder name.

* Question_text is not needed, but is a good option, perhaps using the corresponding file name would be handy, in order to further purge the collection. But I would probably include the content of the audio is available.

* Leaving the answer portion blank is not an option, else importing Q&A text file doesn’t work. I use only a hyphen when I need this.

After this is done, you will import as any other Q&A file into supermemo:

File menu: import: Q&A text

There is an option to import any kind of files into supermemo without the use of html. Including them by importing option have certain advantages and caveats from my point of view.  Importing this way includes the files as topics, and included a lot of text I don’t like. Of course you can convert this elements from topic to items, still they’re look are not much appealing to me.

So linking mp3 files or any other multimedia type trough hmtl proves a better option in most cases, and as most of us use SuperMemo on a single computer the counter part of absolute linking trough html are not much inconvenient.


Links trough html code in supermemo can’t be relative so if you move the source folder where you put your mp3 files, you will have to change the links is your SuperMemo collection, this can also be easily accomplish though.

This has nothing to do with html it self. In SuperMemo each element  is saved in a single file inside a folder that continuously changes as the size of the collection increase, by using relative links you’ll end up with non functional items (or topics).

Linking by using html is easy indeed but does require some work around. If you will like not only to link multimedia files but include then into the collection this can also be done, albeit using other methods.

Wonderful ideas about new uses of SuperMemo on your site Jerry.

Ok, time to train a bit, else my own mother will bet me up at upcoming half-marathon (no I’m not that young, is she who won’t age further, LOL). See ya.

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  1. August 1, 2009 11:13

    Thanks for all of your help so far!

    • gersapa permalink*
      August 25, 2009 22:54

      In case you’ve implement this way of importing, I would like to tell you I’ve being working on importing trough XML, although it might look a little bit more complex, XML is edited be a using a simple text file on Notepad++ (a freeware).

      This way of importing has a lot of advantages over plain text Q&A. Like, when you use Q&A, if the number of items imported exceeds 500, you’ll have trouble later on when trying to edit its location in the contents window and also when organizing them this items into folders.

      If you are interested, on using this XML importing of a predefined folder structure of Q&A or something related drop me a line, so I could be more specific on what you are looking foward. A post about XML importing should be made by this weekend.

  2. Drabz permalink
    August 1, 2009 12:59

    Nice going, this is something I was looking forward.

  3. Kelvin permalink
    March 22, 2018 06:15

    Thank you very much! New into Supermemo and mass import mp3 definitely saves me TONS OF TIME! Much love!


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