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Master Accelerated Learning

January 25, 2010

Mastering how to learn faster is something, we users of SuperMemo would love to getter better at (or any other SRS system Anki, FullRecall, Mnemosyne, Vtrain, etc..).   Colin Rose’s acronym for the steps needed is a six letter word: MASTER

  1. Mind positively set
  2. Acquire the Knowledge
  3. Search for the Meaning
  4. Trigger your memory
  5. Exhibit what you know
  6. Reflect on you learning

This involve the same principles you probably already heard of, mainly a learning suited context (internal and external), good information at hand (good sources), understanding before memorizing, setting some cue for better recall (mnemonics some times), and recall (showing what you know, otherwise is not useful to learn anything).

The last part of this acronym is the one that should lead us in become master learners, in fact without it we’re just a bunch of people wasting time by using our kindergarten or at best elementary learning skills. But, is something I constantly forget to do. We must reflect on the way and effectiveness of our learning skills, what you are doing right or wrong?, how can you improve it?, take the firm decision to make the necessary step in order to improve our learning habilities and again check if we sticked to this new habits for better learning afterward.

If only supermemo could help us with this task, remember us that we must improve our learning skills. Perhaps it can. One mistake at a time you can put them into items into SuperMemo, so you check out if you are following or not this new desired behavior. Remember to set the lowest forgetting index so that this item isn’t automatically postpone and gets a higher priority down the learning queue.

If you don’t use supermemo, that’s no trouble at all. I think we can even use a Cardbox ala Leitner, to improve our bad learning habits, even all of them.. ok, I think that’s way out of what’s achievable but then again maybe not.

Now, Where was that old shoe box?…


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