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April 9, 2010

Today I’m sad, this whole week I’ve been sad. The cause is SERUMS consequences. Ever heard of it?, I went to this process about 6 years ago, I was afraid it would kill me – seriously. I has unable to get a paid slot, and as is ever more common in the whole world, so I had to go from unpaid 1 year SERUMS.

What is is, is a 1 year of medical practice after approving all required board tests. This is “only” required to get into the biggest medical services that depend on the government, you can go in to self-paid medical practice, or get into any private clinic but earning are really low (in the order or 250 dollars a month), people say medical doctors are greedy (many are) but most don’t, they only want to do what the feel good about. With out a SERUMS certificate you can’t even get an specialty. Bottom line you need to do it, you have to do it, you might get paid (1 in 80 gets a paid slot, and the ratio gets even worse each year) but most probably you won’t. You also have to choose where to go, you can stay in your city, town or where ever you wish in the unpaid position, but then when you try to go into the residency testing they grant you a score depending on how far or under-served area you did the SERUMS and this could mean making or loosing a slot on a chosen specialty.

Is a bad system, but perhaps it could even be worst, so, if I’m not writing this to protest about the health system in my country, then,  why is it that I’m making a post about it? I’m doing it because it was true that it almost kill me, sadly I know today, it does kill. I decided to go to a distant area for my SERUMS in order to get the maximum points for my residency training score, at did have basic services like water, electricity, and although I understand poverty is everywhere I also understand there should be better conditions for this practice, I say almost got killed, because after a couple of months traveling to where I made this 1 year medical practice, gun shot armed robberies where very common on the road that led to where I did the SERUMS, they not only stop the buses, where people traveled, they would shoot to vehicle while moving, the windows, doors or just about any place in the vehicle. I say I almost got killed because, one day going back to my where my family lives, I had the not so pleasant surprise of finding a bullet whole by the side of the window at about the same height my head was – they had assaulted the car in the previous departure. I missed the bus that day, because I had a huge line of patients needing medical assistance, some of this people only get this kind of service once a week, you have to stay, so,  I took a bus the next day. The world pays you out in different ways for you actions, Buddhist called it Karma, I don’t know how to call it but this people saved my live that day.

Our mind has wonderful way to protect us from our own memories, It doesn’t constantly remember us sad or freighting moments but it does this when you need it, if you had to go trough those unpleasant moments frequently, probable we couldn’t live in peace after they occurred. But, this past week has been really sad. Two young medical doctor working on some town on the southern part of my country had died while doing SERUMS (and probably under worst conditions i had). No body really knows what happened to them, how can this be, this can not be, this is certainly not the kind of world we should build, people should not have to suffer this far to do a service, they should not have to pay with their lives. I’m sad, is a devastating feeling, I’m sure it will take me a lot take to get over it. You should probably not forget how lucky we all are living and having what we have, we should not forget it, and made this post the same reason, I should not forget it. After a couple of months I probably will forget it or the constant struggle will make this matter seem unimportant no more. Still, it does not make sense, things like this should not happen now in 2010. Common… should people pay with her lives to achieve a dream? is it worth? I’m not only sad, I’m angry, I should not forget, and this is why is posted here, I should not forget.

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  1. Fish permalink
    April 9, 2010 15:19

    I’m sorry to hear such unfortunate news.
    Despite what we might think, despite the many things we do, certain aspects of life are beyond control. Injustice does not adhere to any algorithm, and no amount of rationalization or analysis will fix a corrupt or broken system. Feeling frustrated, angry and confused is a normal but unpleasant side effect of this unfortunate state of society. In the past I have felt the same way, I understand your feelings.

    You have my e-mail address; if talking more would make you feel better, feel free to e-mail me.
    I hope things get better.

  2. gersapa permalink*
    April 10, 2010 10:22

    Thanks Fish and all the people that emailed me showing how empathic you guys are, is nice to see people how care about anybody else. Even nicer to know that some how, even though I only met you trough a learning instrument, I feel your friendship very close. I did regret the post a couple of minutes after I uploaded, but then this morning I knew it was the right thing to do and that I must not forget. I believe and stand for freedom and free will, to succeed trough effort and all us probably to. Its interesting to notice that PW articles that only certain type of people would stick on using his creation, was correct. Perhaps he was correct not only in the intellectual part but emotionally to. Thank to you all.

    I’ll be posting some Autohot key scripts probably next week, Its not complete but helps me extracts nice snips of text from PDF’S, like Fish suggest on the supermemo yahoo group.

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