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Day 3, SuperMemo Ultramarathon

April 16, 2010

Ok, this is the third day, I felt some numbness on my brain as the final repetitions where done yesterday night, however I did it, I made it trough and total count was 609 repetitions, plus 45 minutes reading related issues.

Thank you all for the support, all my life I though as studying being effortless, something you just have to read and a couple of days give a test, this is not the case anymore, in order to really learn something for a least a couple of months ahead you have to make huge efforts, Supermemo is making this effort seem objective any other SRS probably does to.

Today’s reminder

Extracted from How to Study Medicine.

Don’t be tempted to try faddy methods

  • I found studying so immensely painful that I always believed there was some secret trick that would suddenly render it all easy. This was not the case then, nor tragically, is it now.
  • My flatmate and I amassed many different systems that would miraculously change our lives, making studying a doddle.
Highlighter pens were one–the idea was that you would go through your notes or the textbook, highlighting salient points so that they would lodge themselves stubbornly in your memory. Unfortunately, my highlighter pen did not stop me from daydreaming, and I ended up with many textbooks in which every second word would be religiously highlighted, whether it was a key word or just “and” or “a.”
My flatmate fared no better. She spent hours poring over filing cards on which she wrote important facts, but ended up with a floor littered with hundreds of little cards and little else.
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  1. Fish permalink
    April 16, 2010 20:28

    Keep going!

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