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Day 4, SuperMemo Ultramarathon

April 17, 2010

Yesterday instead of doing many paper answer questions, like I did on day 3, I only did 100 MCQ on paper, is probable enough to practice.

I got trough 679 items, its no a record but, I also reviewed 150 topics (small extracts from previous IR articles).

Today I’m starting a bit late, but I have more time, so will see how it goes.

RMD: I have a lot (more then 6000) of outstanding repetitions behind schedule, so I’m only go trough the outstanding queue in the order supermemo provides. However I’m finding that in the last days of this 14 supermemo ultramarthon, those reps are probably going to be short. If i need more repetitions for those days I plan to use advance (on the least repeated items, and on those items with more mistakes, or by most difficult) I have not figure out exactly what parameters to use though.

Remainder for the day

Guide to enhancing study habits:

Instead of reviewing or transcribing lecture notes, students might be better off inventing potential test questions, recalling key points from memory, or, at the very least, making flashcards.

#Title: Will That Be on the Test?
51513: Testing enhances learning better than only studying .. Regardless of how long or how …

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  1. Fish permalink
    April 17, 2010 19:18

    Wow, that sounds like a challenge. When I look at my graphs, there was one day where I had to review 1,000 flashcards. I understand the feeling, keep it up!

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