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Day 5, SuperMemo Ultramarathon

April 18, 2010

Yesterday was not a good one, for the ultramarathon that is. However by ZTD account if you miss a day it what just a bad day, and it can happen to us all once an while. I hope this is is just once.

I manage to do 384 reps, got hang up studying leucemias, lyphomas, and other types of hematologic diseases, as soon as I found out time has already gone by, so in reality I did not loose to much time, is just I did not manage to make the repetitions, I as the the finished, it felt like hovering along the long Route 66.

This is going to cost me some extra days perhaps, but being Sunday I intend to make the time lost today, a least I’ll do my best to recover some miles (e.a. repetitions).

Keep on with the cheering, because it certainly feels like an ultramarathon, with out the blisters on the feet , and almost no movement except those of my internal and external hypocampus (supermemo).

Remainder for the day:

Students are not very good at judging the effectiveness of their own study habits.
In Bjork’s recent study on artistic styles, for example, the subjects overwhelmingly learned better by spacing techniques — yet when asked which approach had benefited them more, the subjects overwhelmingly said cramming.

Our intuitions are not a good guide for how to optimize learning instruction, nor are standard practices from years past,” says Bjork. [emphasis mine]

Will That Be on the Test?: Metacognition, by Metcalfe, Columbia University.
#Article: 96269: Will That Be on the Test?
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  1. Marcin Rybacki permalink
    April 18, 2010 11:13

    Because of the recent projects my outstanding material accumulated recently so I’m trying to catch up. But comparing to yours mine is a 10km run! 🙂

    Good luck!!!

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