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Day 6, SuperMemo Ultramarathon

April 19, 2010

For you guys out there behind schedule studying or in Spaced repetition systems, and if that information is important enough, a couple of high intensity supermemoing or SRSing can do the trick. So far that’s my conclusion of the experience on the SuperMemo ultramarathon.

Day 6, was great in terms of repetitions accomplished 659, 89 extracts processed, and 39 items added. 8 more days to go, however I’m already feeling the pain, no really I’m feeling the pain, at least I’m almost half way trough.

It’s interesting to notice that long hours of study, and memorization are possible. Meaning you do know if you now or not something, before study and restudy was my preferred method, testing you self out is the main difference here.

I established the 14 day period because I though more day would be a real burden, and because short and mid term goals are a great way to avoid procrastination. Also because I feel is the number of days required to get close to no delays in my repetitions, I need to get a 90% recall on all questions, and if possible do some more before 50 days from now, because of the last 6 days 600 reps /day  it feels much comfortable already.

Remainder for the day

Complete feedback is essential to learning when the answer given is incorrect and that reinforcement of correct responses contributed little or nothing to learning.

#Source: Slowing the Process of Forgetting. Oberlander E. Observer August 2003, Vol 16, Number 8. [2009-07-17]

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