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Day 12, SuperMemo Ultramarathon

April 25, 2010

Yesterday, another weekend on the ultra, I’m feeling good that the finish line is only two more days ahead , and also to know posting out your goals makes you stick to them. One thing is to read something, and believe in it, another totally different is to know because you lived it.

587 repetitions were possible yesterday, I must admit some numbness in my brain by know, but that should go away, after the next to days.

Some people has asked me, why does it take me so much time to complete this number of repetitions, below I show the type of repetitions included in my collections, about 20% of all repetitions have this format, more then a close questions, with a short answer I have some with really long answers. This is because in those cases my goal is not to memorize that answer verbatim, but to have a general grasp of the content on it. Sorry to disappoint you If I don’t follow the, so called, twenty principles of item formulation. I do was best for the goal at hand.

Reminder for today: Association

DATAS: “Where you have ideas which are, so to speak, unconnected, it is essential that in order to commit them to memory successfully, you should […]

Establish an intermediary idea as a connecting link, an idea which although not directly associated with either one of the two ideas you wish to memorize, is nevertheless indirectly associated with both so that in remembering either, the link manifests itself which binds the two together.

You wish to remember Newton gravitation, the link is the word “apple”. You say to yourself an apple falls from the tree to the ground; falling is an act of gravitation. Who watched a similar action and noted the result?-Newton. You also have an extra aid by reason of a certain sort of apple being named after the great scientist.”

20110: As in mnemonics, “Datas” claimed that what he described as the “law of association” …
#Article: 19995: MENTAL PRODIGIES

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