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Plugins for SuperMemo UX (User Experience)

May 22, 2010
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SuperMemo has gone trough several version, from the simplest DOS to Iphone. I don’t like the restrictions on the Iphone version, but I like a lot SuperMemo UX interface, not much the kind you can build in the normal free version (the is no paid version), but the kind you see with in demo collections. If only I could build collections on it easily and have all the classic clunky supermemo features.

They aren’t ever probably going to put all the features on the UX version, the easily building collection part was not evident from the first versions of UX and its still not evident know. Thankfully, though,  a group of programmers has build a pluging, to help any one wanting to enjoy the best SRS algorithm (did I mentioned its free) in building their collections easily and with a lot more options.

I believe paid classic version of supermemo is worth its price, for the high end user (guilty me), but being able to use the, currently, bests SRS algorithm, and great looking interface, free, should be very appealing to many.

Here’s my Supermemo UX, no totally elaborated, list of pros and cons.


  • Nice layout
  • Several password protected users
  • Easy learning process backup
  • Q&A import trough txt (even multiple choice, comments, spell pad, etc.)
  • Sound language learning tools


  • Background is dull
  • Fixed fonts
  • No bookmarks, or even better tags (love this Anki’s feature)
  • No subsets
  • No multiple item editing, copying, formatting
  • No easy way to save collections in a single file.

I’m glad to let you know, there is a way to overcome most of the cons, as I mentioned above, thanks to Michael Czerwiński”s plugins, the SuperMemoUX pluging (currently version 2.0).

The terrible issue with this plugins, for most of us, was or still is the it’s language interface, because if you install and run the plugin’s, you might find your self seen like everything in its menu is Greek, but unfortunately its not, it’s Polish.

How do I how the plug-ins are worth the effort (no, I don’t know Polish). Well, I like to test things by learning, kind of circular way of learning, I’ve learned that supermemo worked by studying its help files in.. well… Supermemo. In the same way I know the plugins are great, because I learned almost all of the menu vocabulary (less then 300 words and/or phrases) by using Supermemo UX + plugins, and I love its features. So perhaps I shouldn’t “dodaj” more words to this post, and you should go and test the plugins.

You don’t need to learn it’s Polish vocabulary, SuperMemoUX plugin’s author, Michael Czerwiński,  has offered an English version in 4 weeks or so, if you don’t know Polish try out the SuperMemo UX, wait a little more an enjoy the Plugins later. Although they are free, a contribution to the Polish Association of Multiple Sclerosis is asked as retribution for the effort, which I believe is something good. Great job guys! Multiple Sclerosis is very disabling central nervous system disease, new treatments and research advances are giving hope to many people suffering this illness.

I’m thinking an ideal solution would be, SuperMemo UX totally synchronized with Iphone version and mobile windows version, but is there ever an ideal solution?

Download SuperMemo UX Plugins here. (or go here)

Plugging installing instructions:

  1. Unpack the ZIP file into a directory of SuperMemoUx (usually c: \ Program Files \ SuperMemo UX). All files should be unzipped, and new subdirectory SuperMemo UX \ Plugins created.
  2. Start the SuperMemo UX
  3. Start the PluginSystem.exe

Plugin requirements

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later)
  • Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5

Aditional comments, info or proposals:

If you’ve being wondering what to use as an Spaced Repetition System, SuperMemo UX + Plugins is much easier to learn and understand, give it a try.

Wanakumbuka’s Further Research: I’ve being designing a research procedure for FullRecall vs Mnemosyne vs Anki and SuperMemo classic and Supermemo UX that will run over 1 year (this is the least time necessary for useful conclusions), if you guys have any ideas about how to conduct this research of you believe any other program should be tested, send me an email, or just comment this post.

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  1. May 27, 2010 03:36

    Haha, really funny 😉

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