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“Cloze Planet” Rules of Procreation

June 14, 2010

If you know about rules of engagement on the army, and you believe they are vital to a successful mission, then you’ll appreciate the following  story. It should help you out remember the rules on how to populate your SuperMemo with adequate elements while using incremental reading.

In this story, by mingling the very unorthodox features and rules of the main SM elements and trough a very witty description on how to go by when building your collection trough supermemo, a creative author on the SuperMemo Yahoo Group has shared the community this nice story about how to deal with cloze deletions.


Here’s a little story I’d written some time ago on “not to perform
clozes on Items”–not for anyone in particular, but for a
hypothetical audience.

Your mission is providing SuperMemory world of a new civilization.
You have full control over every single element of this
civilization, which may be formed by either Topics (T) or Items (L).

For a healthy establishment of life forms, you must abide by a birth
control policy subjecting Items not to have children; only Topics
may reproduce. There are two possible forms of reproduction: The
Alt+X and Alt+Z methods. If Topics reproduce by the Alt+X method,
the child will be another, possibly smaller, Topic; if they
reproduce by the Alt+Z method, the child will be an Item. By
default, you will be given an opportunity to inspect elements of
this civilization (out of a queue that has been prepared for you on
a daily basis) every time you decide to *Learn* more about them.
If you determine an element in question has completed its
contribution to this civilization, you may deactivate them by
performing the Ctrl+D procedure. This will not alter its
reproductive abilities, but will effectively remove them from the
queue, so they will not be presented to you in future repet—–
inspections, while giving you the opportunity to inspect them
manually, or to reactivate them (for which you may perform the
Ctrl+M procedure).

Because SuperMemory world is not a perfect world, Items have the
ability to produce offspring both by the Alt+X and Alt+Z methods.
However, experience has shown the offspring of Items by either
method have been the source of much confusion during inspections[1].
This explains why the birth control policy is in place.

[1] If the child of an Item is produced through the Alt+X method, it
will be of the Topic type, but will resemble and act as an Item.
If the child of an Item is produced through the Alt+Z method, it
will be of the Item type, but it will also very confusingly resemble
its parent, making it difficult for you to tell them apart. Risks
are thus understood.


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