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Delay items in oustanding queue

Following autohotkey script sets automatically the number of items the current element must be delay on an outstanding repetitions queue. It works great if you have a big outstanding queue and don’t want or don’t know what articles or elements you should filter.

I use it mostly for topics (articles) and has been much useful since the 14 day supermemo ultramarathon started.

Its a fast way to move back some article, or hard to memorize question, when ever you’re  in on a hurry but with out leaving the element in the queue forever.

If some element is repeated a lot and not done, then move it to another day via: Ctrl+J

;.[#Numpad0] #Move 20 items behind in the oustanding queue
; Autohotkey Script
; Author:German Salizar P
; Date: 2009.01.17

KeyWait #
KeyWait Numpad0

SetWinDelay 1
Send, ^+j
WinWaitActive, Input number
tempclip = %ClipboardAll%
clipboard = 200
Send, ^v{ENTER}
clipboard = %tempclip%
tempclip =
SetWinDelay 100

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